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Glossary of Literary Devices and Terms

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Designed with college and university students in mind, this glossary is also a useful resource for all teachers and readers of English literature.

A unique concept created and compiled by two experienced college teachers, this glossary has been developed as a tool to help students identify, understand, and use 65 essential literary devices and terms. Our goal is to facilitate the comprehension and mastery of these devices and terms for students studying English literature at an advanced level.

Authors: Karen McCoubrey, Carol Ann Martz

Specific characteristics

    • 65 essential devices and terms which represent the foundation of literary analysis (poetry and fiction)
    • Inexpensive, 4-page laminated booklet format
    • Visually appealing, streamlined layout
    • Clear and carefully researched definitions
    • Helpful and succinct explanations
    • Engaging and accessible contemporary examples

    ISBN : 978-2-925020-46-2