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Let's Update ESL Basics!

39.95 $ each


  • Designed for ESL intensive program learners and early secondary level students
  • Also designed for any other learner that has acquired a certain knowledge of English as a second language
  • Downloadable material
  • 83 activities that aim extending the students’ skill to speak and write correctly

ISBN : 978-2-922632-89-7

Description détaillée

In the past decade, research on the communicative approach has shown that when students are made aware of the structure of the target language, the speed at which they become skilled communicators is greatly accelerated. That’s why it is stipulated in different school programs that developing the competencies deemed essential for students in Quebec schools requires the mobilization of knowledge such as functional language, compensatory and learning strategies and the use of resources.

Students need to give full meaning to what they say, hear, read and write. LET’S UPDATE ESL BASICS satisfies such a need. It gives the students a tool to update ESL basics. It provides a variety of activities that are essential for effective communication. It aims for the optimal development of the students’ oral and written competencies.