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Easy Essential Verbs

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Quick Overview

  • Original quick reference guide to English verb conjugation
  • List of usual English irregular verbs and their past tense, past participle, French meaning
  • User-friendly format in 15-card deck
  • Tool to help the memorization of the usual English irregular verbs
  • Tool to enhance communication skills
  • ISBN : 978-2-9804105-3-6

Product Description

EASY ESSENTIAL VERBS, also named Luc’s Irregular Verbs List contains the basis to learn about English verb conjugation. It is designed for beginner learners as well as for intermediate level students.

EASY ESSENTIAL VERBS is organized in a user-friendly format in 15 cards bound together to offer an easy access to irregular verb charts. In this original tool, verbs are classified in alphabetical order. The student can refer to the verb chart by using one of the following sides:

  • The English side: listing the verbs in English, their past tense, past participle, and French meaning.
  • The French side: listing the verbs in French, their meaning in English (infinitive), followed by their past tense and past participle.

EASY ESSENTIAL VERBSis intended not only on helping the memorization of the usual English irregular verbs, but also, in relation to verb conjugation, on mastering important notions and rules that enhance their oral and written competencies.

EASY ESSENTIAL VERBS is a tool to be used and kept on hand as a practical reference for years to come.

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