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Test & correct your english grammar - Book 1

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Quick Overview

  • An activity book suitable for early secondary level students
  • 37 activities to test the acquisition of new knowledge
  • 37 activities to correct what was not learnt or needs to be consolidated
  • Activities to put theory into practice, divided by level of difficulty
  • A tool to accommodate differentiated learning and teaching
  • A tool to learn at school as well as at home
  • ISBN: 978-2-922632-27-9

Product Description

TEST & CORRECT! BOOK 1 is a valuable resource which connects studied grammar theory to practical language use. Suitable for early secondary levels students, this collection of activities is intended to encourage the application of grammar concepts in corresponding situations.

TEST & CORRECT! BOOK 1 is also  a practical guide, an innovative learning approach which assists the student through the following process:

1. I learn
2. I evaluate my knowledge
3. I correct my work
4. I recognize my strengths and weaknesses
5. I review the material in need of improvement

For the teachers, TEST & CORRECT! BOOK 1 is an interesting tool,  ideal for supplementary activities and differentiation of learning competencies. Offering a series of exercises intended to be completed at the appropriate time: beginning, middle or end of the school year, it becomes a companion for planning in-class activities as well as homework assignments.

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