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What if... You Went Camping? (IWB)

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*Compatible with Interactive whiteboards or computers.*

Discover the book What if... you went camping? adapted for interactive whiteboard or computer! A book in which the decisions made by the student will influence the course of history.

This book is designed for students learning English. The author's mission: to combine a text suitable for beginning readers with a captivating subject for older students!



The author

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Catherine Provencher works as a teacher-remedial teacher in Quebec. She obtained her bachelor's degree in teaching in school and social adaptation (primary level) at UQTR in 2017. Throughout her school career and since her graduation, she has accumulated a range of experiences with fairly varied (serious behavioral disorder, regular 1st-2nd year elementary school class, language disorders, students with learning difficulties, teaching-remedial education and individualized private follow-up).

Reading has always been a great passion for Catherine! Today, she is fulfilling her dream of writing her own books and, in her own way, passing on her love of reading to children!