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Systematic Spanish

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Quick Overview

  • Spanish as a second or additional language
  • For beginner or intermediate learner
  • The essential of the Spanish grammar explained in English
  • 23 pages with colour-coded sections: pronunciación y acentuación, determinativos, género y nombre, preposiciones, construcción de frases y expresiones idiomáticas, verbos.
  • Light, thin and portable
  • More than 600 concrete examples to enhance comprehension and communication skills
  • ISBN: 978-9-925020-03-5 

Product Description


SYSTEMATIC SPANISH is a reference book designed for learning Spanish as a second language. It offers English learners a complete guide to Spanish grammar rules and concepts to be used and kept on hand as a practical reference for years to come.

SYSTEMATIC SPANISH is a resource designed to help students learning Spanish in an organized way. The structure of the book allows an easy navigation. Each section relating to a different element of Spanish grammar is colour-coded, with the coding explained in a chart on the back cover.

Each section also has a different page width, with section titles written on the vertical sides of the pages, allowing users to easily flip from one section to another without having to check a table of contents.