Les Éditions Shakespeare

Let's Go! First Step to English Grammar

9.95 $ each

Quick Overview

  • A reference book for primary level students
  • Essential items of English grammar
  • 17 pages, colour-coded for quick access to the needed item
  • Illustrations to help understanding
  • A tool to facilitate learning the basics
  • A tool to enhance communication skills
  • ISBN : 978-2-9804105-3-6

PRoduct Description

Research on the communicative approach has shown that when students are made aware of the structure of the target language, the speed at which they become skilled communicators is greatly accelerated.

At Les Éditions Shakespeare, we have designed LET'S GO! for beginner learners. It is intended to help them master important notions and rules that enhance their oral and written competencies.

LET'S GO! FIRST STEP TO ENGLISH GRAMMAR contains all the necessary items each student needs to learn. It serves as a valuable reference throughout the learning process.

We believe that every student would benefit from owning this modern, innovative, and illustrated reference tool.

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