Les Éditions Shakespeare

Formative & Self-evaluation Series - Level 4

139.95 $ each

Quick Overview

  • Early secondary level students (15 or 16 years of age)
  • 62 activities related to basic grammar for ESL learners
  • Content to be downloaded * and used according to an exclusive authorization
  • To give teachers and students a choice of specific learning activities when deemed necessary
  • To accommodate differentiated learning and teaching
  • To learn at school as well as at home
  • To involve students in their learning process
  • ISBN: 978-2-922632-45-3

Product Description

The Formative & Self-evaluation series is an innovative pedagogical approach intended to enhance learning grammar rules and notions.

LEVEL FOUR, the fifth of a 7-pedagogical tool series, is designed for early secondary level students (13 or 14 years of age). It is intended to enhance their learning strategies. For schools, its content (PDF format) can be downloaded and reproduced to a certain extent according to an exclusive authorization by the publisher.

This material includes a set of TESTS or activities designed to assess the students' comprehension of taught grammar concepts as well as a set of SELF-CORRECTION SHEETS that quickly and accurately help to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each student with emphasis placed on essential knowledge.

The LEVEL FOUR tool includes the following items:

  • A mini guide explaining the use and the pedagogical effect of Éditions Shakespeare’s method.
  • A list of the grammatical content (notion or rule) related to each test or activity.
  • A collection of 31 TESTS in 2 versions (A and B).
  • A set of 62 SELF-EVALUATION SHEETS, including:
    • the tests answers
    • the self-correction activities that offer instant recognition of grammatical errors as well as necessary information to answer the questions correctly in future exercises.

The tests and assessment exercises in each set of tests and self-correction sheets can be adapted to individual teaching plans. Reproducible, they would facilitate differentiated learning.

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