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Actively Engaged in Academic Writing

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Years of experience reveal that upper-intermediate and advanced A-block students enjoy innovative, well-designed, and engaging projects. That’s why Actively Engaged in Academic Writing (AEAW) aims to provide students with a project-based approach that is two steps ahead of anything they have ever seen before. Students are sure to discover new uses for English that will spark their curiosity, harness their creativity, and gamify an irresistible impulse to revise every draft. With a foolproof but flexible 14-lesson sequence, every experienced and novice teacher can start their semester with new levels of confidence.

Flipping the traditional academic classroom with step-by-step online video lectures, the AEAW invites students to actively participate in every lesson by constructing and collaborating on three stimulating projects. First, a film project frees the literary analyst inside students with meaningful research and reflection about a film based on a novel. Second, a songwriting project activates students’ inner poet with the literary toolkit that they have always been aching to use to express themselves. Third, students fuse their research skills and literary moxie to become their family’s very own English language biographer, interviewing a cherished family member and writing a nonfiction narrative.

With a customizable online companion website to stitch these projects into a cohesive whole, AEAW maximizes learning and motivation while simplifying the life of the teacher. The online audio-visual lectures keep even the busiest students from falling behind, and clear textbook explanations and collaborative projects accelerate learning for the rest.

Timely feedback can make a big difference for struggling students, so the AEAW’s self-correcting online formative quizzes and automated writing assessments have been designed to keep students focused on meeting their potential. With the other helpful resources, extra writing activities, and model essays, students know just what to do. AEAW is the ground-breaking textbook and web companion that students and teachers have been waiting for. Ask for your free evaluation copy today.

ISBN 978-0-9938308-7-7