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Actively Engaged at College

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  • Niveau collégial débutant-intermédiaire (101A)
  • Cartes de jeu interactives et activités orales
  • Test de compréhension de lecture, de compréhension orale et test grammatical en ligne avec autocorrection.
  • Activité d'écriture nivelevé pour favoriser l'autonomie.
  • Corrigé d'exercice d'écriture pour enseignants occupés
  • Idéal pour les classes à multi-niveau


Description détaillée

Ideal for college low intermediate a-block students  (604-101A) ,  this innovative language learning system was developed to address the problem of low motivation on both sides of the teacher's desk in low-intermediate ESL courses at the college level.

In contrast to other textbooks with their separate volumes for grammar and skills, Actively Engaged takes a combined approach so that reading and listening themes are fully integrated with grammar lessons, cards games, information gaps, simulations, and a multi-week socially constructed narrative writing project. During the course, language structures are taught and practiced step-by-step for meaningful use in complex speaking and writing tasks.

Students love the liveliness and cohesiveness of the lessons. Teachers love how manageable their workload becomes with the complete set of online evaluations and integration of the Virtual Writing Tutor to provide instant corrective feedback on writing errors. In short, Actively Engaged at College is a pedagogically sound alternative to the formulaic course books on the market.

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