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DUO #1 The New Easy Essential Grammar & Easy Essential Exercises

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Quick Overview

  • Essential items of English grammar fully explained in English
  • 19 pages, colour-coded for quick access to the needed item
  • A different way to teach and learn English basics
  • A strategy to enhance communication skills
  • A tool to be used and kept on hand as a practical reference for years to come
  • ISBN : 978-2-9804105-3-6

Product Description

THE NEW EASY ESSENTIAL GRAMMAR is designed for students with little understanding of English. It is intended to help them master important notions and rules that enhance their oral and written skills.

In this reference book the concepts and rules are fully explained in English.

The content of THE NEW EASY ESSENTIAL GRAMMAR is divided into nine parts: nouns (plurals), determiners, prepositions, adjectives and adverbs, pronouns, sentence structure, verbs, question formation and idiomatic expressions. The grammar notions and rules are summasrized in 19 pages and presented in easy-to-consult charts. A coloured index and different codes help students locate each item rapidly.

THE NEW EASY ESSENTIAL GRAMMAR offers students a complete guide to grammar rules and concepts to be used and kept on hand as a practical reference for years to come. For teachers, this tool facilitates lesson planning as it helps teach the core framework of English grammar and provides adaptable lesson formats for each teaching style and classroom environment.

Every student should own our best-seller THE NEW EASY ESSENTIAL GRAMMAR.

Quick Overview

  • Activity book designed to consolidate and enrich knowledge of English as a second language
  • Content related to the notions addressed in Easy Advanced Grammar,the rewarded tool (at the TESL Canada Conference, in Niagara Falls, June 8, 2017)
  • 167 exercises constructed specifically to lead students to show when as well as why and how the different grammar items are used
  • New way for applying and practising specific points of English grammar
  • Effective strategies to detect, correct and avoid ESL ommon errors
  • Tool to enhance communication skills
  • ISBN: 978-2-922632-86-6

Product Description

EASY ESSENTIAL EXERCISES is intended for learners who need to consolidate to help students gain control over areas of English grammar where they could experience difficulty.

EASY ESSENTIAL EXERCISES is the second of a three-level series, coming after Easy Elementary Exercises. It aims to practise the essential points of English grammar in a visually appealing way.

Because learning grammar is a developmental process that occurs gradually, the topics covered in Easy Essential Exercises are presented in seven different, systematically organized units. In each unit, according to their individual needs, students will find exercises constructed specifically to show them when as well as why and how the different grammar items are used in the context of learning English as a second language.

Our expectation and hope is that Easy Essential Exercises will be used as a complement to other pedagogical materials, especially Easy Essential Grammar, also used to improve the students’ communicative skills.

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