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DUO #3 Easy Elementary Grammar & Easy Elementary Exercises (Book 2)

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Quick Overview Easy Elementary Grammar

  • Contains the essential basics of English
  • Designed for French speaking beginners
  • 8 pages, colour-coded for quick access to the needed items
  • Easy-to-consult folded template that could be inserted in a binder
  • Fully illustrated to help understanding
  • A new way to teach and learn the basics
  • A strategy to enhance communication skills
  • ISBN : 978-2-9804105-3-6


Quick Overview Easy Elementary Exercises (Book 2)

  • A tool suitable for primary level students, ESL learners (10-12 years old)
  • A tool also suitable for pre-secondary level students as it accommodates differentiated learning and teaching
  • A tool that gives essential knowledge its rightful place
  • 38 activities related to basic vocabulary as well as first grammar rules and notions to be applied
  • To give teachers and students a choice of specific learning activities when deemed necessary
  • To learn at school as well as at home
  • ISBN : 978-2-925020-01-1