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Quick Overview

Noitulové is a zany scientist who loves to travel. She travels across Canada, Mexico and China, accompanied by her huge maple leaf, her sombrero and her Chinese lantern, in her first quadriligual book! Discover her adventures by learning English, French, Spanish and Mandarin.

  • French, English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese (Pinyin)
  • Ages 5 to 10
  • Travel and discovery of three countries: Canada, Mexico and China
  • Free language tracks available on https://evolutionresources.fun/
  • Linguistic and hearing experience
  • A startegy to enhance communication skills
  • A tool to be used and kept on hand as a practical reference for years to come
  • ISBN : 978-2-9804105-3-6

Educational Learning Kit:

Offer your child a collection of activities of more than 10 pages containing five enriching activities as well as a personalized certificate. You will receive the activity kit in 3 versions: French, English and Spanish. These activities can be done with the family and is an excellent tool linked with the first book Noitulové loves to travel. Your child will be able to fill in his passport, help Noitulové find his friends, create his own story, draw a picture of a trip around the world, colour the countries they would like to visit and receive his certificate in three languages.


With the purchase of the paperback, you get the educational learning kit for free!