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Let's Say

39.95 $ each


  • Designed for ESL intensive program learners, for early intermediate secondary level students as well as for general public learners
  • Downloadable material
  • Activities aiming at extending the students' vocabulary as well their ability to understand what they read
  • Answer Key and self-evaluation charts available at the end of each series of activities

ISBN : 978-2-922632-86-6

Description détaillée

LET’S SAY! is designed for early secondary level students (12 to 14 years of age) or intermediate ESL level learners. It aims enhancing background knowledge, an essential component in learning that helps students make sense of new ideas and experiences.

The different topics in this pedagogical tool target extending students vocabulary as well as improving the ability to both understanding sentences and apply grammar rules. These topics are assembled in the following five categories: Geography, Vocabulary acquisition, General Knowledge and Riddles, Grammar rules, Arts, Music, Science and Sports.

Aiming to allow the learners determining their strengths and weaknesses as well as giving the teachers the opportunity to follow up their student’s improvement, an ANSWER KEY as well as A SELF-EVALUATION CHART are made available at the end of each series of items.