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Easy 4 Steps

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  • Designed for early intermediate students: secondary or college level as well as for general public learners
  • 66 exercises to lead to an optimal development of the competency of writing
  • Grammar rules to avoid common errors
  • Vocabulary acquisition and strategies
  • Answer Key available at the end of the book

ISBN : 978-2-922632-86-6

Description détaillée

4 EASY STEPS TO BUILD THE SKILL OF ENGLISH WRITING is designed to help early intermediate level students become confident and skilled users of English as a second language.

The 66 exercises included in this workbook focus on the knowledge that from word spelling to sentence building and then from sentence conception to writing paragraphs would lead the learners to an optimal development of their competency of writing and producing texts.

To allow the learners determining their strengths and weaknesses as well as giving the teachers the opportunity to follow up their student’s improvement, an ANSWER KEY is made available at the end of this book.

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