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World of Words!

59.95 $ each

Quick Overview

  • A game recommended for early secondary level students
  • To enhance the student’s communication skills
  • To make learning English easier and more fun
  • To focus on extending the student’s vocabulary
  • To offer students a means of cooperative learning

Product Description

WORLD OF WORDS! offers students a means of interacting orally. Using instructions such as say it in one word, complete the series, name and spell, the purpose of such a game is to help students acquire new words that are essential to start learning English as a second language. The various basics focused on in this game are related to the student's general knowledge, the extent of his/her vocabulary, and his/her ability to both build sentences and apply grammar rules.

WORLD OF WORDS! is recommended for early secondary level students (12 to 14 years of age).

A Kit of WORLD OF WORDS! contains the following items:  A set of 72 cards · A 90-second timer (hourglass) · An answer chart · An instruction sheet  · A score sheet pad.

WORLD OF WORDS! is played in teams of 2, 3 or 4 students. We suggest using a set of 72 cards (one deck) for 3 groups of 2, 3 or 4 students..

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